CMI Group Adapts to the New Normal

  • Written by Steel Rose

CFO of The CMI Group, Carrie Finney explains how her company manages with the effects of COVID-19. The CMI Group is a 100% ESOP owned company doing business in the telecom, healthcare, utilities, toll, retail, and government receivables management. Founded by Tom Stockton 35 years, Finney has served CMI for 22 years.

In the interview, Finney discusses just how The CMI Group has been able to remain productive. She specifically discusses how although some clients were slow to accept remote collecting and were thinking about ceasing all collections, they eventually became more comfortable with the idea and haven’t had problems. Finney explains how there are actually benefits from working at home as it allows employees to pick up shifts they otherwise would have needed to drive to the office to complete. As The CMI Group has adapted to the new normal, they became more productive and even closed new contracts during these difficult times. 

The interview by Mike Ginsberg provides specific insight into how a successful receivables company has responded to the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic. Finney gives helpful advice and hope for the future as she recounts her first hand experiences as CFO and President of The CMI Group. 

To watch the full video and to see other interviews by Mike Ginsberg, click here.


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