ERC Stays Proactive Despite COVID-19 Challenges

  • Written by Steel Rose

In Mike Ginseberg’s interview with co-founder and chairman of ERC, Kirk Moquin, Moquin explains the many ways his company has been able to adapt to the ever changing world that has resulted from COVID-19. 

ERC is a global contact center that manages Fortune 500 customer bases and employs over 6,000 people. ERC does business across many industries including, banking, financial, services, retail, cable, medical, and more. They do both collection services and outsourcing across these industries. 

In response to COVID-19, Moquin explains how he has faced the many challenges that have been affecting his company. ERC is a multinational company and he therefore has to work with the regulations of countries such as India and South Africa which are vastly different to those of the United States. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, ERC has had one of their best Aprils which he compares to the successes of tax season collection. 

Throughout the interview, Moquin talks about how the key to his success during these troubling times has been the grittiness of his team. They have been proactive in their response to COVID-19 and it has allowed them to not only continue collections with their existing clients, but close on two big deals during the epidemic. Moquin says the collection industry is one of the most resilient industries there is in the world and this has shown through the challenges of COVID-19. He encourages everyone to have a balanced view on the challenges ahead of them and to “play a good defense”. 

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